Automotive Fuses Manufacturers in Gujrat

Ultra Wiring Connectivity System Ltd.


Ultra wiring connectivity System Ltd. has now entered into the Fuse manufacturing business for automotive purpose.

Our plant is equipped with high acquaintance hydro-pneumatic press and fully automatic PLC based Assembly machines. As far as the plastic housing is concerned, we are already pioneers in manufacturing plastic connectors for all the OEMs from past 3 decades.

We have our in-house testing labs for fuses, along with a strong R&D team lead by the highly experienced team of engineers.

Time-Current Characteristic:All ratings

% Of Ampere Rating (A) Operating Time
110% 62 Min 100 Hrs.
135% 0.65 Sec 600 (120Sec)
160% 0.20 Sec 45 Sec
200% 0.10 Sec 4 Sec
350% 0.02 Sec 0.4 Sec
600% 0.01 Sec 0.1 Sec

The fuse characteristic may change depending on the conditions of use.

Product Lineup

Ampere Rating Part Number Housing Colors Resistance Value Voltage Drop
5A UF105 Tan 18.8 mΩ 195 mV
7.5A UF175 Brown 12.8 mΩ 185 mV
10A UF110 Red 10.2 mΩ 174 mV
15A UF115 Blue 6.6 mΩ 264 mV
20A UF120 Yellow 5.2 mΩ 188 mV
25A UF125 White(natural) 4.4 mΩ 220 mV
30A UF130 Green 3.8 mΩ 170 mV
40A UF140 Orange 2.9 mΩ 165 mV