Our Production unit

Our Production Unit is equipped with all necessary latest machinery for the jobs related to Manufacturing of Connectors. We have highly experienced technical engineers who keep abreast with new technology and work together to accept the challenges to increase the productivity.

Presently our Plant is running at a Capacity of manufacturing 15 million Connectors per month with a spare capacity of 3 million Couplers to meet any bulk order at any point of time. Being quality driven Company, at our production unit, we have all excellent processing facilities that enable us to fulfill orders of any specifications. Spread across 61,000 sq.ft at Faridabad, 15000 sq.ft at Pune and 5000 sq.ft at Bajpur plant.

We have presently 32 highly Sophisticated injection moulding machine ranging from 30 tons- 150 tons with robotic arms & with servo drives.


Our production unit has all kind of facilities like:

  • Highly accurate Injection Moulding Machines, which includes German, Japanese, PRC, Taiwan’s make with the following features:
  • Fully Automated
  • All Electric
  • PLC Controlled
  • Error Free
  • Automated Roof-Top Cranes for Loading & Unloading Moulds directly into Machines.
  • Dehumidified air dryers.
  • Humidity Chambers & Ovens.
  • Welding machine.
  • Die Loaders & Lifters
  • Hoists
  • Water Chilling unit
  • Moisture controller


Our Tool Room

Our quest for excellence and conviction to deliver best Connectors, has actually enabled us to develop products that can meet various customer’s requirements conforming to International Standards. We are one of the successful names in this high growth industry to have our own in-house Tool Room.


Empowered with experienced Die & Tool Makers, we follow all necessary Connectors design procedures at par with International Standards. During each Tool Making procedure, we make sure that each Connector structure actually adheres to the International quality guidelines depending on the type of application. At our Tool Room section, we are equipped with 2-D & 3-D facilities for designing of both Mould and Connectors.


Moreover, we have Sophisticated Tool Room Machine

  • CNC-EDMs
  • ZNC-EDMs
  • VMC Engraving Machine
  • Pin Grinding Machine
  • EDM Drill Machine
  • CNC Wire-Cut machines
  • Milling Machines
  • Surface Grinders
  • Bench Grinder
  • Lathe Machines
  • Ultrasonic Polishing Machine
  • Laser Welding Machine Profile Projector



Our Quality Norms / Test Lab

We at Ultra Wiring Connectivity System Pvt. Ltd., strive to give highly customer satisfaction in time to ensure maximum value for money.

Our quality management system is a permanent process, which demonstrates our achievements accomplished in past few years. Leveraging on our understanding of market & global requirements, we utilize our industry knowledge to deliver an extensive range of quality products with high responsiveness.

To assure that all our products remain high in terms of quality and durability, our quality personnel work in accordance with international standards throughout our entire production process.


Our Connectors are manufactured under most stringent quality standards to suite the customers specific requirements. We keep a strict vigil on the quality, right from the entry stage of Raw materials like Nylon Granules & Master Batches to the manufacturing stage till delivery of finished products.

Our products are tested through various Test Lab Equipment’s before dispatching to our customers. All our capabilities are enabled by state-of–the–art technology that further ensures flawless quality and superior finish, when it comes to Connectors.

Our Complete Emphasis is on checking Quality during Manufacturing Process of Connector, which is the best way to ensure quality products. We have 4 Process Inspectors to Check the Quality of Product Online at the Manufacturing stage.

All our products are tested on the parameters of their durability, hardness, Insertion & Back-out force etc. For this purpose, our Quality Control unit is fitted with a range of testing machines and tools to get accurate results.

We strongly believe that the proven quality of our products and our understanding of customer needs have resulted in better productivity. Our direct involvement in manufacturing process and supplies with technical know how assures the best quality products and services.

Our commitment towards quality, service and value has enabled us to achieve preferred supplier status.

Moreover, we have a Test-Lab equipped with sophisticated Machines to ensure better quality of Connectors such as:

Our production unit has all kind of facilities like:

  • Profile Projector
  • Water Proofing Tester
  • Salt Water Spray
  • Steam Bath
  • Oven (300° C)
  • Humidity Chamber (90% RHS, 60° C)
  • Tensile strength Tester
  • MFI Tester
  • Vibration Tester
  • Insulation Resistance Tester
  • Voltage Drop Tester (upto 1000V A.C & 500 D.C)
  • Leak Current Tester




We generally keep 1o days finished goods inventory to meet any Urgent requirement of our clients in this fast changing times.

We are having an ideal storage system with Computerized Inventory Management Software that maximizes our space utilization, eliminates misplaced inventory and stock outs, and is capable of meeting the needs for today and tomorrow.

To further improve the logistics of product delivery, automated weighing & packing machines are installed that ULTRA has been using as a part of business automation.


The products that are dispatched to the clients always meet the Zero-defect standards and ensure Just-in-Time deliveries, so that the client’s production plans are not disturbed.

Keeping a close eye on our forwarding and distribution services, our transportation department caters to the customers’ need and ensures timely delivery of consignments.

Over the years, ULTRA has perfected the art of servicing. Hence, in order to facilitate our Customers, we have build up five warehouses with dedicated stocks, at Main Industrial Hub of Automobiles such as Faridabad, Pune, Rudrapur, Banglore, Chennai attached to our offices for timely & quicker deliveries to our esteemed customers.

Product following with the prompt delivery system & other support services at backend has summed up in cost effectiveness and reliability to our clients.