We generally keep 15 days finished goods inventory to meet any Urgent requirement of our clients in this fast changing times.

We are having an ideal storage system with Computerized Inventory Management Software that maximizes our space utilization, eliminates misplaced inventory and stock outs, and is capable of meeting the needs for today and tomorrow.

To further improve the logistics of product delivery, automated weighing & packing machines are installed that ULTRA has been using as a part of business automation.


             Finished Good Store

The products that are Dispatched to the clients always meet the Zero defect standards and ensure Just-in-Time deliveries, so that the client’s production plans are not disturbed.

Keeping a close eye on our forwarding and distribution services, our transportation department caters to the customers’ need and ensure timely delivery of consignments.

Over the years, ULTRA has perfected the art of servicing. Hence, in order to facilitate our Customers, we have build up five warehouses with dedicated stocks, at Main Industrial Hub of Automobiles such as Faridabad, Pune ,Rudrapur, Banglore, Mehsana attached to our offices for timely & quicker deliveries to our esteemed customers.

Product following with the prompt delivery system & other support services at backend has summed up in cost effectiveness and reliability to our clients.


             Finished Good Store