Our Production unit

Our Production Unit is equipped with all necessary latest machinery for the jobs related to Manufacturing of Connectors. We have highly experienced technical engineers who keep abreast with new technology and work together to accept the challenges to increse the productivity.

dehumidified-air dryers-1

       Dehumidified Air Dryers

Presently our Plant is running at a Capacity of manufacturing 12 million Connectors per month with a spare capacity of 2 million Couplers to meet any bulk order at any point of time. Being quality driven Company, at our production unit, we have all excellent processing facilities that enable us to fulfill orders of any specifications. Spread across 24,000 sq.ft + 10,000 sq.ft at Faridabad, 15000 sq.ft at Pune and 5000 sq.ft at Bajpur plant.
We have presently 27 highly Sophisticated injection moulding machine ranging from 30 tons- 150 tons with robotic arms & with servo drives.

dehumidified-air dryers

       Dehumidified Air Dryers

– Our production unit has all kind of facilities like:

share-optionHighly accurated Injection Moulding Machines which includes German, Japanese, PRC, Taiwan’s make with the following features:

circle.pngFully Automated

circle.pngPLC Controlled

circle.pngError Free

share-optionAutomated Roof-Top Cranes for Loading & Unloading Moulds directly into Machines.

share-optionDehumidified air dryers.

share-optionHumidity Chambers & Ovens.

share-optionWelding machine.

share-optionDie Loaders & Lifters


share-optionWater Chilling unit


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